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Easter Eggs

The Easter egg is a fun and exciting tradition of the Christian Easter holiday. The Easter egg is celebrated in many different religions in numerous ways.

There are different ways the Easter egg can be a part of the joyous holiday.  The story says that when the children would go to bed then they wake up to find their baskets full of candy.

Then must try to find as many Easter Eggs as they can. This is an exciting time for the children and the adults as they watch on.

Once the eggs are all, found you can admire all the many colors, varieties of design decorations, or what is inside the egg.

There are many traditions throughout the world on the Easter egg.  Some can go back as far as ancient times with stories to be told.

Thru the years, some cultures have changed their traditions or do not even practice the Easter egg at all.

Decorating the Easter egg is always a fun activity that children and adults can enjoy taking part in.

The bright colors and many different designs have changed over the years. From the eggs being a simple color to elaborate beautification.

The bright colors remind one of the new flowers that come with spring. Easter Eggs have also have resembled the new life and being reborn.  

From simply coloring the eggs in colored water to looking like precious ornaments is a wide array of what you can expect to see on Easter.

By using wax or crayons on the shell a child can write their name on the egg, then dip it to can see what they have written on the egg.

If you are very creative and artistic, this is fun for both adults and children. There is the plastic egg that comes apart to fill with candy, money or any treat that you would like.

Chocolate eggs are common today also. The chocolate egg could be solid or filled with any sweet dessert.

Most Easter Eggs are boiled then decorated. This is stems back in history that the egg is not wasted, so it can be eaten later.

Another way to create your own special egg would be the delicate process of hollowing out the egg. 

Take the egg and poke a small hole at both ends of egg. The insides of the egg will empty. Once that is done and you have designed your egg the way you want, it can be hung to show it off to others.

Some games with the eggs are rolling the eggs down a grassy hill. The child that gets the egg down the hill first without breaking their egg wins.

Another game would be to put the uncooked egg on a spoon and walk with the egg without breaking it.

These are fun and challenging games for children.  Prizes for the winner are usually chocolate candy.

The White House of the United States participates in the Easter egg hunt and the Easter egg roll annually.

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