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Five Questions About Dating For The Youth Of Today

Dating is a fun, engaging, and sometimes even essential activity for any person who is looking for some romantic possibilities to explore. Dating isn’t only a part of the mating game, it is a venue for some enjoyable and memorable times in itself.

Towards the end of our adolescent years, we always look forward to that time when we will be allowed to go out with members of the opposite sex. Throughout the years, it has become a social need that deserves some attention.

So, if you’re going out on a date for the very first time, you’d naturally have some questions in mind.

Even if you have gone out on a date before, you may still be entertaining these questions which have been left unanswered by your previous experiences.

Here are five of the most asked questions about dating matters.

Question 1: What should you wear?

The question of proper dressing is best answered by the activity or activities that the particular date would entail.

Politely ask your partner what you guys will be doing. Better yet, plan your date together. This would give you an idea of what clothes you should wear that would be appropriate for the occasion.

In the event that your date would want the event to be a surprise, you could simply ask him what you should wear.

If he answers, then your worries would be allayed. If he leaves the matter in your hands, you could always enumerate your desired outfit and ask him if such would be appropriate. In all cases, the smart-casual dressing would always fit any situation.

Question 2: Should you kiss on a first date?

Some people would say no. Others would say “why not?” The answer? It’s all up to you. Just remember the ramifications of a kiss.

It’s a way of saying that you like the other party. Should you express such feelings early on, or should you wait until after a few more dates?

The answer isn’t written in stone. There are things that depend on the situation and the moment. This is most certainly one of those things.

Question 3: Should you engage in sex on a first date?

This is a rather delicate matter. It depends on your personal and religious beliefs, as well as the specifics of particular situations. The short and sure answer would be no, you should not engage in sex on a first date.

But this isn’t really a universal position to take. Some people find it acceptable. Others have a variety of concerns. It really depends on what beliefs you adhere to.

There is one rule to follow here, and it is applicable to a wide gamut of relationship issues: if you’re in doubt, don’t.

It is not wrong to follow what you feel for as long as you have studied the ramifications of what you’re planning to do. Listen to your reservations, because often, they’re right.

Question 4: Should you tell the other party your feelings on a first date?

By this, we mean the words ‘I love you.’ Well, it’s alright to tell your date that you like him or that you enjoyed your time with him. But saying ‘I love you’ is a profession of strong feelings that would often bind you to another.

You have to be sure about what you want to say. ‘I love you’ are words that, once delivered, would be hard to retract.

Again, if the moment calls for it, and if you know for certain that what you feel is right, then there’s nothing wrong with delivering those three words.

Question 5: Should you introduce him or her to your folks immediately?

It depends on how old you are.

If you’re in your teenaged years and are living under your parents’ roof, it’s a matter of courtesy and respect that you introduce your date to your folks.

Also, it is also a safety precaution, so that they’d know where to look for you in case of any eventualities.

If you’re living on your own, then it might be more proper to make sure about what you’re feeling regarding your date before introducing him or her to your parents. You won’t want to introduce a new guy or girl to them every month now, right?

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