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How To Stop Hair Loss And Prevent Hair Baldness

Possessing dense and luxuriant mane covering the scalp is the dream of us all. However, very often this dream is eclipsed by the nightmare of large scale hair loss. It brings with it worries and depression.

We start to desperately look for ways and means to check this menace completely or at least curb it.

It may be mentioned that a certain rate of hair fall i.e. loss of a number of hair strands per day is normal.

However, when it exceeds a certain limit then it becomes a cause of concern and is considered as a problem.

Causes of hair loss and their remedies

The causes of hair loss may be many. Very often some internal malady may be the root cause. This needs to be ascertained.

Bringing into effect the proper preventive treatments can stop hair loss even before it begins by detecting the symptoms.

Diseases like lupus or diabetes are a cause of hair loss. The hair loss serves as an early indication of the disease. The hair loss gets treated alongside the treatment of the disease.

Hair loss can also be the side effect of certain medications. When the administration of such medicines producing hair loss is discontinued the hair loss also stops.

Lack of proper nutrition– inadequate intake of vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc. may cause hair loss. Ensuring proper nutrition usually checks such hair loss.

As an after-effect of major surgery or illness, you may lose much hair. However, this loss is considered to be temporary and is associated with the illness or stress borne by the surgical operation carried out.

Post-pregnancy hair loss is also commonly heard of. This is due to some temporary hormonal changes which soon cease. Otherwise, the help of a doctor is required.

Hormonal imbalances may result in hair loss. The malfunctioning of the thyroid glands may cause hair loss. Attending to the particular type of hormonal problem and adequate treatment provided for it helps overcome the excessive hair loss too.

Treatments of hair loss are carried out as per nature and the correct cause of the problem. A proper diagnosis which may include blood tests and biopsy needs to be done for detecting the problem.

Hair loss arising from some infection of the scalp can be treated as per prescription from a doctor.

Medicines are available for retarding or preventing the development of baldness by hair loss. It takes some time to find out the efficacy of such drugs.

It must be borne in mind that there is a hereditary factor too which may be working behind hair loss and baldness. This is also observed to be more prevalent in the case of men. This is not easy to counteract.

It may be that no suitable treatment can stop the hair loss and baldness develops. In such cases, persons concerned about their personal beauty and aesthetics with regards to their crowning glory may opt for a wig or a hairpiece. New techniques of hair grafting and hair weaving can also be sought to resort to. 

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