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How To Build A Blue Planet Aquarium

The Blue Planet Aquarium in England is one of the largest and most stunning aquariums on the planet.

Populated by hundreds of fish and other sea wildlife from around the world, this aquarium is certainly worth a visit if you ever decide to plan a trip to England.

You can reach it by train, bus or taxi if you do not have a car you can drive, making it perfectly simple to get there under any style of transportation.

At the Blue Planet Aquarium you will find multitudes of different displays featuring fish from the Amazon River, the oceans of the world common lakes, rivers and streams as well as swamps and tide pools.

For further enjoyment, the aquarium also has a theatre and a tunnel which allows you to walk under a variety of fish habitats, including tropical fish tanks and the always popular shark tank.

A blast for the whole family, the Blue Planet Aquarium is definitely one of those places which everyone must visit during a trip to the United Kingdom.

Even if you cannot possibly visit the aquarium any time soon, you can still enjoy a piece of it by building your own miniaturized version of the Blue Planet Aquarium for cheaper than you might think.

Such a project begins with a simple idea about what types of fish you want to include in the tank.

If you want to copy the aquarium in Britain itself, then you will want to choose a suitable aquatic setting, like a lake the Amazon River or one of the various oceans or seas in the world.

Once you have settled on which aquatic environment you want to recreate in your own home, you need to do some research into the types of water conditions present in that body of water.

Obviously, lakes and most rivers will consist of fresh water while saltwater will be present in the oceans and seas.

Therefore, you will want to use freshwater fish if you are constructing a miniaturized version of a Blue Planet lake and saltwater fish if you desire to build a replica of the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean.

After you have decided on what type of water to have in your tank, you will also need to figure out the proper concentrations of salts, algae and bacteria to have in your tank to ensure that your fish will get all of the proper nutrients which they need for survival.

This, along with the temperature of the water should definitely vary based on what locale you chose for your miniaturized Blue Planet Aquarium.

Once you have figured out everything that has to do with water concentrations, filtration systems and decorations for the bottom of your tank, head over to your local fish store and consult with the experts there to find out which fish are best for your pseudo-environment.

They should be able to provide you with a number of smaller fish that are native to the area you wish to recreate, allowing you to manufacture a near perfect replica of one of the beautiful tanks at the Blue Planet Aquarium right in your own home.

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