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How To Decorate For Halloween

So how does one go about decorating a house for Halloween: the answer is very carefully. Okay, that joke is awful.

But, when one actually stops to think about it, the answer is not entirely inaccurate as there needs to be a great deal of careful attention to logic and detail in order to make a Halloween themed decorated house look good.

Going to the store and purchasing a bunch of Halloween decorations and throwing them up on one’s house will look okay.

But, it will also look boring and not very creative. When looking to decorate for Halloween, one should strive to be original.

However, some people mistakenly define original as a quirky, illogical mix of items all thrown together with no rhyme or reason. That is just going to ruin a Halloween decoration and make everything look disjointed.

Probably the best way to decorate for Halloween is to find a specific theme of decoration and stick to it.

For example, if one decides they want their house to look like a castle from the middle ages, then one needs to make sure that everything inside the house (and the exterior if need be) must look like it would belong in the middle ages.

That is, the decorations should not look unnecessarily disjointed. A castle from the middle ages with a big space ship resting in front of it is going to look far more awkward than it will look logical.

Now, granted, a talented person would be able to make that particular scene mixing fantasy and science fiction with the world of the middle ages, but it would require that the artist go to extreme great lengths in order to make such a mix believable.

Otherwise, people are going to wonder why there is a disconnect between the future and the past as opposed to one solid, linear world. In other words, it won’t make sense.

Look at the old show He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe. There was a primitive world where people wore loincloths and carried swords, yet they were flying around on space ships.

Why?! Did they skip learning about how to weave fabric and jumped to harnessing nuclear energy? Makes zero sense, does it not?

Similarly, the decoration of a Halloween theme should follow a clear pattern of logic that fits within the established framework of the holiday.

That is, no Christmas trees. Everything needs to look like it belongs to and comes from Halloween. It is surprising how many people will turn around and start throwing things into a Halloween decoration set that just do not belong.

When one does that, all that results is a decorated house that looks like a mess as opposed to a prize winner.

So, if one follows a clear path of logical attention to detail, decorating one’s home for Halloween will come off looking quite well and will definitely be an eye-catcher.

And, if not, at least it won’t look too, too bad. And that can at least be claimed as a moral victory.

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