How To Select A Winter Wedding Cake


If you’ve decided on a winter wedding, you may find yourself thinking about how you can make sure the bride’s cake truly reflects the season.

Here are a few ideas to help you come up with the perfect design for your winter wedding cake.

Of great importance is the size of the cake itself. In order to determine how large your cake should be, it is important to turn to your guest list.

How many people will be issued invitations for the reception?  It is a good idea to not begin the process of eliminating a portion of your guest list when considering how many pieces of cake you may need to serve.

Even if you have several people who are receiving invitations that you know will not be able to attend, you can rest assured some people will want to have more than one piece of cake.

And of course, there are always those who like to wrap up a piece or two and take them home after the reception.  So be generous when planning the number and size of the tiers.

Next, consider the varying designs that will evoke the spirit of a winter wedding. Think about what images the season brings to mind. 

Do you see winter as a time of softly falling snowflakes that leave a graceful blanket of whiteness on the fields?

Perhaps the glittering sunlight shining through the icicles hanging from the eaves remind you of winter.

Maybe seeing graceful tree limbs encased in frost bring the season to life for you. Draw on those images to get an idea of how your bride’s cake can symbolize this time of year for you.

As an example, a snowflake design to the texture of the icing, with the layers graced with white poinsettias and tiny silver stars may be an ideal winter wedding cake design for you.

There is also no rule that says your winter wedding cake has to be sheer white in order to go with the winter wedding theme.

Consider going with icing that has just a hint of blue. The effect will be similar to the appearance of hoarfrost in the morning light, and can be very effective.

You can build on the contrast by using silver beading on the cake, perhaps draped as garlands along the side of the layers.

The end result will be a coolly sophisticated look, one that will go well with an uptown winter theme.

Of course, a winter wedding does not necessarily have to be all about snow, ice and the cold. Two very colorful holidays occur during the winter months: Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

If your wedding is planned to take place within close proximity to one of these holidays, then you may want to utilize traditional color schemes for your décor, including your cake.

This would allow your winter wedding cake to be adorned with all sorts of symbols, from red hearts to graceful golden beadwork along the layers. 

And there is always the option of going with ideas that evoke the sheer fun of the season. For a winter wedding cake with a touch of whimsy, top off the cake with a Mr. and Mrs. Snowman, complete down to the raisin eyes and mouths. 

Whatever you settle on, remember that the winter wedding cake is meant to be a part of your memorable day.

So, treat the cake like every other part of the preparations and make sure it is exactly what you want to remember for many years to come.