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Misuse Of Cell Phones: Maintain Your Own Safety

A cell phone in one hand and a steering wheel in the other isn’t exactly a good idea. You are cool at talking and smooth at driving but something puts everything off in the blink of an eye.

The cell phone is broken into thousands of pieces and an ambulance carries an injured body blaring the siren. All stunts gone in vain! You are found to fight with death in the emergency unit of the hospital.

The above set example is the most widespread cell phone misuse and its viable consequence.

Is a cell phone made to be used so callously? Why should you put your life at risk to chat over the cell phone while driving? If things are so urgent stop the vehicle and complete the conversation and then carry on again with the ride. Isn’t this safer?

Put off the mobile menace

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–         The best safety means is to switch off the mobile when you are sitting in the driver’s seat. All probabilities of getting distracted are automatically turned off. But many times this precautionary measure can’t be practically followed.

–         If you are driving alone then park your vehicle at a safe corner of the road and take your time to wind up your conversation over the cell. Don’t bother that time is running out because a small mistake will become the severe cause of the end of your life.

–         If friends and co-passengers are in the car, ask them to help you to attend the call on your behalf. If it is so important that without you things won’t work, leave the driver’s seat by stopping the car. If someone else can drive, ask him or her to drive for you.

Ways to use cell phone while driving

  • Make use of speaker phones where you will not have to hold the cell phone. Put the head phone in your ears and hold a firm grip on the steering by keeping a track on the traffic. Is this safe? Doesn’t the conversation creating a distraction? It does but definitely lesser than holding the cell and attending the call.
  • Never try to attend a call in the busiest traffic. First off, you can’t hear the conversation well, and second, you need all of your senses to get through the traffic without problems. Drive to a safe destination and make your phone call even if you are driving.
  • Making calls while driving is a bad idea. For long conversations it is better to make the call from home when you are free and able to give your whole attention. Why make a call really long while driving? It could be your last conversation.
  • Attend the call when the cell phone rings and ask the person to call back when you are not driving. This is the best tactic to remain safe as well as not missing the conversation.
  • Finally if you have to make an urgent call and continue to shift gears and steer the vehicle use the fast dialing mode on your cell phone to make the call. This will not draw your attention to the numbers and you can continue driving.

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