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Need Scrapbooking Theme Ideas?

Scrapbooking is sweeping the nation! While many think that scrapbooking is a new obsession, in reality, it is the traditional form of preserving family memories – newspaper clippings, photos, mementos, and family history.

The difference today is that the market for scrapbooking encourages each individual to be creative in the themes and layouts they use.

Gone are the large black or white pages; now colored and textured papers can be chosen to enhance the photos and lovely themed stickers and other creative ideas are woven in to create a truly ‘one-of-a-kind’ memory album.

So, where should you start?

There is no limit to the types of themes you use in your scrapbooking. Whether you choose to highlight a specific event or you are composing a large, family album, the choice is up to you.


For personal use, you may choose to create a family album. Each occasion can be given a theme; seasons, holidays, family reunions, sporting events, etc.

If a family album is too big to tackle, consider creating a scrapbook for each child. A babies ‘firsts’ including their first lost tooth, a lock of hair, baby booties, even a newborn diaper are excellent additions to a baby scrapbook.

Awards, Graduations, Certificates, and other documents can be added or inserted into protective covers as a means of showcasing and storing important information for your child. Include photos of your child with school friends or sports clubs – even try obtaining signatures from them for posterity.


Some scrapbookers like to create small albums as gifts or as an alternative to a family-style album. Ideas like a baby’s birth, graduation, marriage, or other momentous occasions can be selected to give the new parents (or grandparents), new graduate or new couple a unique and lifelong gift.

You can easily make a small gift with a ‘brag book’ accordion-style book. Find or purchase coordinating stickers, stamps, or found items to make the album’s theme more tangible. For a wedding, scrapbooks include items like a wedding invitation or newspaper announcement which will be cherished mementos.

Paper doilies, gift wrapping paper, lace, and pressed flowers can be used to embellish the layout along with store-bought stickers or other additions.


Scrapbooking is more than a hobby – it is a way to preserve precious memories. Your photo album documents but does not provide sentiment.

Scrapbooks provide you the medium to impart feelings – be it with quotes, items, or simply your creative layouts – and will preserve those feelings in a way that can be stored and shared with friends and family, now and in the future.

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