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Split Ends in Your Hair! How To Remove

Martina walked into the office. All eyes turned towards her and everyone was dumbstruck to find the abrupt change in her getup. There was a mixed reaction but still majority voted for her earlier style.

Long hair most of the time kept open spread wide on her back with a casual wear and tied in plaits or knots in the classical designed skirts or corporate suits.

Martina had actually shortened her hair and reduced the length to the nape of her neck. Mushroom cut she announced aloud when she saw wild gazes flooding on her.

Well Martina there’s no story like The gift of the Magi in your case; you have enough to spend on your beloved and need not cut your hair to get a golden watch band from your husband. Then why did you turn so ruthless on your lovely long hair?

Split ends, she declared with a deep sigh. Further my hair was immensely turning dry and the spit ends grew wild. Apparently the hair was long but without any nutrition. Day-by-day it was becoming thinner and lacking the radiance and the touch of silk.

The lady over here did find an easy way out and easily did away with the length but this cannot be a well-approved solution to remove split ends.

What causes split ends?

Actually your hair fiber has an upper layer with protection. This layer or better known as the cuticle starts breaking from the tip of the end. It is not that the hair comes out.

The hair becomes divided into two or three fibers from the end and finally come out. Split ends damage the look of the hair and spoils the length. The growth of the hair is also inhibited and hair from below becomes thinner and thinner.

The remedial measures:

Protect your hair from getting too dry. If shampooing cleans your hair but doesn’t add adequate amounts of nutrients through the massage, oiling is also required.

You might make the common mistake that oiling hair means keeping it confined to the scalp. Absolutely not!

To prevent the dryness it is always recommended to use the oil from the lower tip to give it better protection. This prohibits the tips to split and multiply into a number of hair fibers.

Add sufficient portions of B vitamins and vitamin E to your diet and minerals like zinc. This again helps the hair retain moisture thereby reducing the scope to forming split ends. Mild protein is also very helpful.

Regularly clean your hair using a nutrient-rich shampoo and also moisten it. The alteration helps maintain better nourishment of the hair.

And with all this nutritious healing there should a constant external support. Here comes the turn for the haircut. That too, not something as Martina! Simple trims from the lower ends will do.

Here is a golden rule. When you get down to trim your hair, start doing it when you find the initial splits ends. Actually if they are left and the hair is allowed to grow, the damage is more.

At that time if you give a trim and think a little longer will be shortened, it’s not that. Rather it turns out to be a long cut and can also turn out to be Martina’s case.

Now you must have got the reason of her deep sigh! Did you?

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