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Choosing Clothes Colors

The colors of the clothes that you wear actually are an expression of yourself. A good selection of the colors helps to bring balance to both your inner as well as outer self.

The clothes act as color filters that decide the extent of color energy absorbed into the body. This means that the colors that you choose to wear affect you, and it is worth considering what colors to wear to create harmony and balance.

1. Red

Red is an attention grabber. When wearing red, a person feels more energetic, outgoing, and ready for action. This person is also seen as passionate and strong. Action and drama are characteristics of such people.

2. Orange

Orange indicates courage and adventure and people wearing this color are assertive, like to smile, and have a tendency to make others smile as well. It is also an energetic color but not to the extent as red. They are full of enthusiasm and zeal in their actions.

3. Yellow

Yellow is a color that allows in the light and it encourages open-mindedness and also attention to detail. This color is typically worn by intellectuals, the studious types, and people who hold positions of authority and control.

4. Green

Green brings about a calm, balanced, and soothing atmosphere, and represents harmony and equilibrium. This color is normally worn by people who prefer not to attract attention to themselves.

5. Turquoise

Turquoise brings clarity to thoughts and feelings that help in producing clear communication. It also encourages others to show an interest in you.

6. Blue

Wearing blue indicates spirituality and order. People wearing this color reflect a wish for tranquility, peace, and quiet. It is a non-threatening color.

7. Violet

Violet is a color of dignity, self-respect, and self-worth. It is untypically associated with monarch, wealth, and extravagance. Because of their creative and spiritual nature, artists have a tendency to go for this color.

8. Magenta

Wearing magenta generates feelings of gentleness, softness, and kindness. It creates affection and feelings of love and compassion.

9. Black

Black historically has been related to death, grief, and penitence. However, it is now a very popular color worn by people these days.

This color denies the light and those wearing it are rejecting the light in themselves, by pushing it away and not allowing it to be absorbed.

Black is also a color that reflects power, authority, and sometimes also a mystery. It is also worn by people who appear traditional and respectable.

10. White

White has been normally associated with cleanliness, innocence, and purity. It is a color of detachment. People may wear white to keep cool in the heat of the sun’s rays as it reflects all colors.

11. Brown

Brown is associated with the earth and stability. People who like to wear brown are known to be highly dedicated and committed to their work, family, and friends.

They are practical in life but can also be deeply insecure and unstable. Their practical nature makes it possible for them to get to the root causes and deal with matters simply and directly.

Color should be a natural expression of what we are as it is an essential feature of what we wear. When our clothes colors reflect who we are, we will feel more confident and self-assured than if the colors clash.

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