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Supplement With Cod Liver Oil! The Rich Superfood

Stay away from oil! Don’t eat too many oily foods. Try to have low-calorie and fat-free foods. Simply avoid fast foods. And more! You hear these every time.

From the time you wake up in the morning till you go to bed, someone or another will sing this lullaby of oil-free eating in your ears.

And alas you have nothing else rather become fed up and frustrated with the whole issue.

Hey cool down! Actually in the rush of the twenty-first century way of living, simply food won’t give you that nutritional input which your body requires.

The balance between the nutrients cannot be met up with simple food and you need something more.

What is that extra you should look for? Superfood, the name itself carries the adjective super and hence you can easily take this one as something more than the normal diet.

Why are we nagging so much on food, superfood and oil together? Where lays the relation? Or is there any relation at all?

Okay not beating around the bush, the good news is there is no fuss regarding oil in the superfood list because the cod liver oil is in itself regarded as a superfood.

Almost for the entirety of the last century, scientists have dedicated their researchers towards finding out how cod liver oil can become the nitty-gritty of the modern diet. And finally, cod liver oil has received an A rating in the diet chart.

Cod liver oil: why essential?

–         The other name for cod liver oil is golden oil. It is really pure and precious for good health.

–         What are the components normally present in the cod liver oil? First of all, it contains elongated omega-3 fatty acids.

Vitamin A is present in the preformed state and Vitamin D which human beings mostly derive from the natural sunlight. Vitamin K is also present in small amounts.

–         From these components, you can pretty much guess how the cod liver oil is important for proper growth and maintenance of good health.

–         To begin with, you must be eager to know what role the fatty acids play in nourishing your health.

Your brain and the nervous system make use of the omega -3 fatty acids for their development. And this is equally important for all age groups.

If someone has a problem of forgetfulness, especially kids that are not remembering their lessons; the easiest way to cure them is to treat them with cod liver oil.

–         Vitamin D is one of the most important nutrients in a child’s diet. For their growth and for the development of strong bones it is a must.

The easiest way to feed your child with this nutrient is to feed the little one with cod liver oil.

–         The amount of Vitamin A present in the cod liver oil is so rich that it is specifically denoted in food value terms that the normal cod liver oil will at least contain vitamin A of amount 1,00,000 IV.

And this is about three times greater than another rich sources of vitamin A obtained from the beef liver oil.

Above all, the utility of this particular vitamin is immense. For your eyes and skin, this is the most important vitamin.

–         Last but not the least, cod liver oil keeps your heart safe. Even in an advanced stage of heart ailments, cod liver oil can protect you from any further worsening of the disease.

So, if anyone panics you with the issue of consuming oil, you better advise the same to feed on cod liver oil. And also follow it yourself. 

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