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Treat Your Guests With Flavored Coffee Know The Facts

Mrs. Stevenson what’s special in today’s kitty party? Well trying to add some special flavor in the coffee.

Are you confused with the ingredients? Trying for the first time? Yes! Then before you play a fowl game today and fall upon embarrassment, better get a clear idea of making flavored coffee.

It’s a great idea that you have brewed to treat your guests but a faulty attempt may attack on your reputation. After all you are a fond name to add new specialties to your cuisines and recipes.

Commercially flavored coffees are available in the market. But you must also know that the synthetic flavors added to coffee are sometimes low quality beans topped up with chemical flavorings to make the thing tastier.

Try to avoid such products and go for some authentic additive flavors that you can use to brew coffee at your own place.

A coffee flavor can be added occasionally but one should not get addicted to it. Normal coffee with the natural taste is best for you health as well. Still for a change flavored coffee can add to your taste.

Cinnamon, Chocolate Raspberry, French Vanilla, Cookies and Crème, Irish Crème, Macadamia Nut are to name some in the top list of coffee flavors.

Cinnamon, Chocolate Raspberry, Amaretto etc. are different flavors of Colombian coffee very rich in aroma. Cookies and crème is a classic flavor, an all time favorite.

French vanilla has a rich aroma of vanilla with a delicious taste of crème. These are also added with original Colombian coffee.

You must have most commonly come across chocolate syrup flavors in an espresso coffee shop.

Chocolate syrups are best for making mocha. And hot chocolate mix even skips that additional sugar in your general coffee.

Those who look for instant aroma and instant flavor can get this instant hot chocolate mix pack and prepare coffee with no time loss.

Even those who are not that fond of coffee can go for this chocolate flavor as it reduces the natural bitter taste of coffee and makes it chocolatier.

Nut flavored coffee is another easy way to change the flavor of your basic coffee. Roasted nuts as you like them can be added when the coffee is brewed.

This is nutritious and rich in calories at the same time though it might not carry that strong aroma as in synthetic flavors.

How about going for a rare taste? Wont you mind if your coffee starts refreshing your mouth and preventing you from bad breath? It’s no kidding. There is something called peppermint coffee.

This can be easily prepared by adding altoids. And in case of cinnamon flavor using filter is a must because cinnamon forms sediment at the bottom of the coffee maker.

After filtration the rich flavor of cinnamon can be relished and this gives you a fresh start from strenuous exhaustions.

Now, if your guests are fonder of sweet taste and you want the coffee to start with added sweetness, then Italian syrups will be perfect.

This syrup is generally added with espresso coffee to give the frothy sip a prominent sweetening treatment.

Actually, Italian syrups are flavors added with sweet water which is further added to coffee.  

And a name from History in the coffee flavor list is chicory. It was very popular in the US during the 2nd World War, though today it’s not common on the hit list.

But if you want to soft the bitterness of your coffee, chicory flavor is extremely good that is neither too hard and nor undesirably sweet.

Then Mrs. Stevenson, find out the average taste of your guests and start brewing the right flavor for them. And win the rewarding appraisal once again.

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