Thanksgiving Without Beverages! Is That Possible?

Thanksgiving Without Beverages! Is That Possible?
Thanksgiving Without Beverages! Is That Possible?

It is pretty much party time wrapped in fun and fancy. The Thanksgiving occasion is a hullabaloo of jolly moods and sharing and caring for others.

Can a party be celebrated without the real taste of life? Of course not! The beverages are a must for certain celebrations. What types of beverages are being prepared for the forthcoming Thanksgiving Day? Do you have any idea? If yes, that is fine, but perhaps you can add more to the list.

Iced chilled pumpkin juice

Though the name is pumpkin juice, it is basically a triple-flavored juice, prepared with pumpkin, pineapple and apple. This must be the reason to name it so. Actually, the amount of pumpkin for this preparation is more than what is needed of the other two. One big pumpkin should be neatly peeled and cut into chunks to be smashed or put in the juicer. From this size, you can easily get around two cups of juice.

Prepare the apple juice, at least 1 cup. The pineapple juice only requires a small amount – cup. When the three individual juices are ready, you need to blend them well. Now, what is left is to sweeten the taste? Don’t use sugars – rather, add a teaspoon of honey.

Taste it, and if you feel you need a little more, add another spoon of honey. To enrich the flavor and give it a spicy aroma, add some cinnamon and finely grated ginger. Your juice is almost ready. Put it inside the freezer and serve it chilled when your guests start arriving.

Something hot and chocolaty

If you don’t want to chill your friends, then serve them some hot chocolate, maybe a white one. Milk, heavy cream, white chocolate and almonds are the basic ingredients to prepare this hot white chocolate drink.

Since it is hot, you will definitely have to melt the chocolate and for that you will need a medium-size saucepan. When the chocolate is almost ready, add milk into it and stir the whole thing well. Before you start this, know the right amount of your ingredients.

For example; if you want to make it for yourself and four other friends, use six ounces of white chocolate, one quart of milk, half a cup of heavy cream and a little more than half a teaspoon of almond extract.

When the chocolate drink is ready, add the heavy cream, which has been thoroughly stirred, then add some grated chocolate flakes. Serve it hot in ceramic coffee mugs you have bought especially for this occasion.

Cranberry Cocktail to change the mood

You can buy white grapes and cranberry juices from any store. If not, the juicer will help you to prepare them. What is more important is the blending part to make the cocktail rich and frothy in taste.

Take two bottles of white grapes juice measuring 24 ounces and two cans of cranberry cocktail (12 ounces). In a big punch bowl blend the two. You can’t serve it simply like this.

First, it has to be chilled and you might want to add a little garnish. Lemon leaves and whole cranberries can punch up the flavor.

Whichever you like, prepare it at your convenience. If you want all three, never mind, because you can, in fact, celebrate a Thanksgiving week instead of just one day. You may need to learn a few more so that a new beverage for each day can be prepared!