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The Battle Between The Beauty And The Beast In You

We are not always pleasant at all times.  We might be very kind most of the time, but when we come across great stresses like a very hard-to-get-along-with person, that is when we lose our patience, and occasionally, our horns do show themselves.

In fact, we all have a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in all of us.  And it is within us to choose between the beauty and the beast.

When the Beast Rears Its Ugly Head

As stated above, we will not be that kind or that understanding every day for the rest of our lives.  There are trials and journeys that we all have to go through.  Sometimes, these trials will bring out either the best in us or the worst in us. 

But what if it brings out the worst in us?  What if, instead of trying to analyze things over and think before we open our mouths, we ranted and raved and really lost our cool?  We let the ugly beast talk for us.

We all need to exercise patience in our daily lives.  Without it, life would be more chaotic where people are always treading on eggshells around each other.  There is no joy in that, and there really is no beauty in that either.

Let the Beauty in You Come Out

Would it not be much more beneficial to all of us if we always think things over when we deal with people, especially during trying times? 

Instead of snapping at people around you or blaming them for little things they have done wrong, why not look at yourself and think what YOU need to do in order to be more tolerant of small mistakes.  You also commit mistakes, and sometimes, you are unaware of this. 

If that is the case, be thankful then of the person who extended his patience for your mistakes and understood you instead of jumping right down your throat the moment you committed a mistake.

So, in light of this give-and-take situation, if somebody extended you courtesy, the least you could do is do the same – extend him the same courtesy and patience.  Try to understand him and look past the mistake he did.  By doing so, you are letting out the beauty in you.

So, it is your choice who you will pick between the beauty and the beast in you.  Remember, we all have our own beauty and the beast characters in us, and they are always battling each other for control.

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