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Tips For Making Halloween Cards

Halloween cards are pretty cool. That’s why the local pharmacy and card shop is filled with them when October rolls around.

Halloween, unlike other holidays, has a little leeway available when it comes to greeting cards. It is perfectly acceptable to create a homemade Halloween card to give someone.

And Halloween cards are fairly easy to design and put together, plus making them is a great deal of fun.

There are, however, a few guidelines one should follow so as to make the cards properly.

It is a fairly wise idea to stick with the Halloween colors of orange and black.

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Now, this would seem like a given, but it is always shocking how many people will forget this tiny little detail and end up making a slew of cards that are colored blue, purple, even pink for crimineys sake!

When one deviates either by accident or design from a traditional, visible, and established convention of a holiday, it is jarringly noticeable and looks downright awful.

Also, stick with the common symbols associated with Halloween. That means monsters, witches, black cats, etc.

Do not get esoteric and start mining folklore and mythology for lesser-known monsters. Harpies and werebears will look positively dumb, if not utterly confusing on a Halloween card as people will turn the card sideways trying to guess what that is a picture of.

And not all monsters are Halloween monsters. Bigfoot and The Loch Ness Monster are not Halloween monsters.

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They are part of the speculative world of the lunatic fringe. They just don’t belong on a Halloween card.

And these creatures are so steeped in 1970s popular culture that they have lost virtually all their significance in the modern world.

And stay away from science fiction! UFOs, aliens, and Godzilla were all born out of the atomic scare of the 1950s.

They are not part of the supernatural world of Halloween. They just don’t gel well with witches and goblins.

They are part of a world of the space race and the fear of the bomb that was prevalent in the 1950s and 1960s.

Yes, sci-fi remains wildly popular to this day, but the sci-fi that one sees nowadays is mostly linked with action-adventure and not harmonious with the classic horror and spooky images of Halloween.

And let’s make this abundantly clear: no devils. Yes, the devil is a popular image on some Halloween decorations, but it is also an offensive symbol to some religious people.

It would be very rude to offend someone with such a symbol. Play it safe, avoid the Prince of Darkness on all your cards, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Mothers Day, or otherwise.

And, this is another thing that people miss. Always use sturdy construction paper or another type of paper that is equally sturdy.

Avoid loose-leaf paper or any other type of paper that can crumble or rip. It isn’t built to last and it looks so ultra-cheap and chintzy that it is downright insulting to give to someone!

But, if one follows these simple guidelines, then making and exchanging the cards will be a fun and relatively painless process!

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