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Ways To Set Up A Romantic Mood At Your Home

No matter if you are a much married couple or a newlywed love birds, you should learn the ways for making romance rule your married life.

We love our spouses all right, but romance is another thing, it is like the seasoning on a salad that makes your married life even more interesting and yummy.

A conjugal life without romance is nothing more than a mere peaceful co-existence.  Married life is different from those wild days of dating when both of you were so infatuated with each other that you could never imagine that he or she was anything short of an angel. 

But you got married, honeymoon days are over and you are forced into the awful complications.

the exit of the mundane life and all the romance is gone in a jiffy in straightening the matters up. A baby or two arrive and you are so busy putting together the two and two into four, that you forget that someday, not long back, you and your spouse were neck-deep in love. 

Now it is the time to make up for the lost time. Believe me, you are never late in re-building your love life and rekindling passion in the heart of your spouse.

There are several ways to make some romantic experiments that take you back to the days when two of you went like the house on fire.

You can head off to an exotic location, you can set out for a long drive, and options are limited only by your imagination. But to go by the old adage that heart is where your home is, why don’t you start the game right from your home?

To make a head start, bring some change in your home d├ęcor, especially in the bedroom. Maybe an addition of a porcelain cupid or a wedding photograph on the bedside table, or a change in the linens or curtains small things have big power to bring back the lost passion in the hearts of your partner.

A change in the lighting scheme to incorporate a diffused and warm lighting will add to an old-world charm to the entire environment.

A photograph in which you appear close to each other will also take you to the old days of romance and craziness. Above all, inflict some change in yourself, possibly a new haircut, experimenting with the fashionable garment, and so on.

The whole idea is to present the old wine in a new bottle and discover to your amazement just how it enlivens the whole things up.

Try the following tip to stir up some romance at home.

Make some excuses to take half a day off from your workplace and head off to the nearest mall to buy yourself a beautiful evening dress on the shade that he likes to see you in.

Now make some little arrangements in your home that will give him the surprise of his life. Keep an eye on the wall clock and light up a couple of scented candles in your living room just before the usual time of his returning home.

He can smell it right on entering the home after a stressful day of work. It will have a tranquilizing impact and when on entering the bedroom he will discover a big bouquet of red roses are waiting just to greet him, he will get nervous if it was a special day and he has forgotten all about it.

Place a message beside the bouquet instructing him to get ready for a special show.  But all through this, keep yourself invisible and let his curiosity rush upward.

By the time he comes out of bath and comes to kitchen in search of you, you put on the final touch of make up to look ravishing.

Finally when he gets the chance of asking you what were all these about, just smile back at him and hand him over a note, with only I love you scribbled on it.

What do you think will be his reaction? Well, you will get the most passionate kiss of your married life. Do not believe it? Just go and test for yourself. 

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