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What Type Of Wine Complements Your Christmas Celebrations?

The chilled winter months and the warm Christmas spirit create the concoction of fun, merriment, and excitement! It’s time to celebrate this holiday season and no celebration is complete without good food and excellent wine.

The festive season is the time for experimentation for the wine imbiber. Get in the festive mood with the right selection of wine!

There are innumerable varieties of exotic wines to enhance the spirit of your Christmas celebrations. Check them out and broaden your precious wine collection.

* Cape Spring Pinotage

This is a deep garnet-colored wine. It has a subtle elegant fragrance, spicy flavor that is chiefly associated with pinotage. The wine has a spicy finish and has excellent value.

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Endowed with the taste of black cherry fruit and ripe bramble with a mild flavor of mulberry and loganberry fruit, accentuated by coffee in the background.

Food To Match:
This wine goes well with Blue cheese, goat cheese, turkey, and venison.

* Jarvis Estate Shiraz

Jarvis Estate Shiraz is a classic wine, strongly flavored with raspberry fruits and ripe damson. It is a fruit-driven wine and it appears crimson in color and also has a slight characteristic peppery taste.

The wine has characteristic strong Shiraz flavors and plum aromas. It has a lingering warm and spicy aftertaste.

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Food To Match:
Blue cheese, venison, and lamb complement the taste of this variety of Shiraz wine.

* Chateau Robert AC Bordeaux

The wine is smooth, plumy, and well concentrated. It has a long and peppery finish.

The wine has a strong flavor of tobacco, plums, red berries, and blackcurrant and it is a bit spicy. If you want to have a bit of Bordeaux go for it as the wine is made from a superb vintage.

Food To Match:
Venison, goat cheese, and casserole are the right choice of complimentary food that goes with this kind of Bordeaux wine.

* Casa Antonete Tempranillo

This wine has a strong aroma of dark damson fruit mingled with mint and tobacco. It has a beautiful finish and at the bottle mouth, there are heaps of cherry fruits and stylish damsons. The wine has excellent value.

The wine has a strong taste of damson and cherry fruit. It has a flavor of loganberry and chocolates.

Food To Match:
Blue cheese, venison, casserole, and beef can be eaten along with this wine.

* Bushman Blanc

This is a popular variety of white wine. Bushman Blanc has a refreshing look. If you prefer white wine you will love this particular wine.

It is a fresh and fragrant wine with youthful exuberance. The wine should be served chilled at a temperature of 11-12 degrees C.

Food To Match:
Salad, shellfish, pork and seafood go well with this white wine flavor.

* Tierra Alta Merlot

Tierra Alta Merlot is a red wine from Chile. This wine has a deep red color and it distinctly bears berry fruit and ripe plum aromas.

It has a strong flavor of plum and berry. Tierra Alta Merlot is a deep ruby red wine.

Food To Match:
Wash down those yummy lamb, cream cheese and beef recipes with this tasty Chilean wine.

* Fleurie ‘Faiveley

This is a deep ruby red wine. The wine has smooth silky body with a lingering finish. The wine will suit you if you are serious Beaujolais drinkers.

The wine has a strong taste of mature strawberry fruits with subtle spicy hints.

Food To Match:
Pasta and noodles can accompany this wine on the dinner table.

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