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A Brief Guide For The Teenagers Who Are Considering A Breast Implant

The other day the article that caught my fancy was related to the favorite graduate gift items of the American teenagers. I was quite taken aback by finding out that a substantial number of girls in this particular age group consider a breast implant package as the best graduation gift.

According to an estimate, cosmetic surgical procedures including breast lifts, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, and tummy tucks were performed on more than 39 000 patients who were just reached their eighteen and even younger than that.

In their obsession with obtaining a perfect figure, more and more American teenagers are turning to various kinds of breast implants. The television shows and the fashion trends and above all the peer pressure all work jointly to influence the girls in the age group of sixteen to nineteen to undergo breast implant surgery.

However, according to the latest FDA circular, breast implant surgery on under eighteen girls is illegal. Having a figure that is more beautiful and proportionate, means a heightened social acceptance among their peer group; it boosts up the confidence of these young ladies as they feel greater about themselves.

If you are a beautiful girl in your teens and considering breast augmentation for making your body even more beautiful, go through the article below to learn about the basic facts of breast implants.

Breast implants are like mending the nature. It promises you to give what you are not naturally endowed with. Despite a number of controversies, increasing number of young women are turning to artificial implants on their breasts to get a figure that they always desired.

The implants are used in the breasts for two major purposes: to rebuild or reconstruct the breast or to change the size and shape of the breasts which is known as the augmentation process.

Breast implant surgeries in recent times have reached a high level of sophistication and refinement and the range of shape and sizes of the artificial implants is unlimited in numbers.

If performed by an experienced and knowledgeable surgeon, you can get the best natural-appearing result that you will be delighted to find in the mirror.

Even then, as a young girl, you should take an informed decision regarding breast implant surgery by thoroughly understanding the benefits and the risks that the procedure is entailed with.

First of all you have to know what implants are actually are. Basically breast implants are silicone envelopes full of special liquid or gel. They have three major parts; an envelope or shell made of silicone, a filler, and a patch hiding the manufacturing hole.

In case of the USA, the commonly used filling agent is saline or salt water. The outer portion is made of silicon. Now this inflated envelops are used to enhance the sizes of the breasts.

Sometimes silicone gel is used inside the envelop, but remember they have not achieved the FDAs approval yet. And if anything other than saline and silicon is used then beware of the unknown risk factors, as they still are in their experimentation stage.

To maintain the similarity with your skin you can choose from a variety of textures, shapes, and profiles of implants. The modern implants may be smoothed or textured in their surfaces, they may be rounded or pointed in shape, come in different volumes and it also differs in the length of how far they stick out. The silicon shell thickness also varies with each implant.

Before undergoing breast implant surgery it is important that you are informed of the risk factors of the operation so that you can accept them in case you are unfortunate enough to experience any of them.

In breast implant surgery the risk factors are not associated with the surgery itself. The risks, if there are at all any, emanate years after from the implant itself.

The side effects include insensitivity and coldness of the breasts, occasional hardening, swishing sounds that cannot be heard without very close proximity, and hypertrophic scarring.

As a teenager, you must know that your body is still growing and your breasts will continue to grow even after implant surgery. Although the implants are expected to last for fifteen years, some of them break earlier needing you to replace them once again.

In the long run, when you grow older and give birth to a child, be prepared to get a lesser supply of milk. Then, as you grow even older you will need to do a mammogram to detect the early stage of breast cancer, and your implants may obstruct giving the true picture of any infection.

As a whole, breast implants can give you a beautifully balanced figure by reconstructing it to get the breasts in your desired shape and size. With a reconstructed body contour, you will definitely be able to get an edge over your other female friends.

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