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A Review Of The Top Sailboats

A Review of the Top Sailboats

Chances are that if a sailboat makes it to the top of any list, it is generally out of most people’s price range.

Of course, when considering the size and price of the top sailboats in the world, this holds especially true.

Boats, in general, are incredibly expensive yet such beautiful creations that everyone should board at least once or twice.

However, these boats which dominate the lists of the world’s best yachts year after year are something to be truly amazed by they simply have a way of surpassing the simple elegance of a sailboat and becoming something more something of an icon or a legacy amongst the rest of the boating world.

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It is not just because they are massive in size or cost several fortunes, but because they are crafted with such precision and a desire to last for hundreds of years that they become more than just a boat they become something people can be passionate about.

The Robb Report, well known for being the world’s source of all things luxury, releases a new list of the top products which wealthy individuals simply must own each year.

Among the items on that list, they generally include a few yachts and sailboats which eclipse all others of the same type.

These boats are those which have become icons boats upon which all other standards of yachting perfection are measured against.

If you can afford to purchase such a craft from the top sailboat manufacturers, chances are that the wait times will be long sometimes spanning into years or decades even, so be prepared to wait if you want the absolute best the market has to offer.

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It is common knowledge that the Dutch have a rich history with the ocean. After all, The Netherlands used to be mostly underwater until they began pushing back the sea little by little.

In a town just outside Amsterdam, there is a small, but internationally known yacht crafting firm known as Holland Jachtbouw which specializes in making some of the best sailboats in the world.

Ranging in size from around eighty to one hundred and fifty feet, the custom craft constructed at Holland Jachtbouw is impressive both to the eyes and the hands.

They are designed from only the finest materials and are perfect for that millionaire who has just about everything else he or she could ever want. 

While their specialty is custom boat manufacture, they will also gladly reconstruct old boats and repair any large vessels you send their way.

Founded in 1816, Hodgdon Shipbuilding is another company that specializes in crafting sailboats that are astoundingly amazing. 

Even though they choose to focus their efforts on creating yachts that remind us of the old, classic days of sailing when the boats were constructed of rock-solid materials like wood and steel, their boats are absolutely incredible to set eyes on.

Having built boats for both consumers and the American government during wartime, Hodgdon is able to combine the superior technology of government sailing vessels with the classic comfort and style that is expected from a consumer yacht.

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