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How To Make A Mask For Halloween

Getting dressed up for Halloween is something that both youngsters and adults enjoy doing. For many people, the mask is one of the parts of Halloween attire that they enjoy most.

While it is easy to run down to the local discount store and find a pre-made mask, it is a lot more fun to come up with your own.

There are many ways to make a Halloween mask. One of the quickest ways to come up with a mask is, to begin with, a brown paper sack.

From there, the boundaries of what one can create are limited only by imagination and time.

With colors and paints, glue, glitter, and a little time, it’s possible to create monster faces, cartoon caricatures, and even the image of a fairy princess.

For someone who wants more of a space-age look, an alien face or a space helmet could easily be created.

With the aid of the glue, you can go through old magazines and create masks that resemble movie stars or political figures. Gallon size milk jugs can also be the basis for a great mask.

By cutting out the form and carving out openings for the eyes and mouth, and a couple of holes to breathe through, the same paints and glitter that can transform a paper bag into a great mask can also be used to dress up the plastic.

In addition, items will glue with a great deal of ease, so you can easily use your milk jug mask to become a princess or a werewolf. 

Securing your mask is easy as well. Rubber bands can be attached by way of small holes punched at the edge of the mask on either side. Ribbons can also be affixed and then tied as well.

If you are not sure you want to be quite that crafty with your mask, the wondrous world of the computer can provide you with all you need.

Go out on the Internet and find a picture of a face that you think would make an ideal mask.

The picture can be anything you want, from an old-time movie monster like Frankenstein to a silver screen idol, a favorite singer, or even a beloved cartoon character.

The important thing is to locate a picture that can be downloaded and then blown up to the size you need for your mask.  

If you happen to have image configuring software and a photo printer, that is great. However, there is no need to go out and spend a lot of money on software and a special printer.

You can get a perfectly usable result with any color printer and the basic picture tools that came with your computer.

Simply blow the picture up to the size you want, then print it out. Use scissors to do any trimming you may need to do.

If you want your mask to be nice and stiff, then dig out that milk jug, cut you your form, and then use glue to affix your printed face onto the form.

The thing to remember about your Halloween mask is that it should be fun to make, easy and safe to wear and inspire the reaction you want when other people see your mask.

With a little ingenuity and using the resources you have around the house, you can come up with a mask that will accomplish all three goals.

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