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How To Select Winter Wedding Colors

There is something different about holding a wedding during the winter months. While there are all sorts of ideas about how to pull together a spring and summer wedding, you have to dig a little deeper to come up with color schemes for winter weddings.

Here are a few ideas to help you plan out the colors that will be the foundation of your winter wedding.

The first thing to consider is at what point during the winter season your wedding is scheduled to take place.

If there is a major holiday taking place around the same time, you may be able to draw inspiration from that.

As an example, a wedding that is scheduled to take place sometime between Christmas and the end of the year may be greatly enhanced by incorporating the deep reds and greens of the holiday into your color scheme.

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Certainly, it would make using all those pots of bright red poinsettias with their deep green leaves ideal flora for the wedding. 

If you’ve decided to have your wedding take place on a holiday, such as getting married at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve, you can easily incorporate just about any bright and vibrant color into the mix that you like.

Between the confetti, balloons, and other party favors that can become part of your color scheme, you need not worry about any part of the proceedings being subdued or stuffy.

Fun will be the name of the game, and your colors will reflect that mindset from start to finish.

However, if you do want to go with something that is subdued and traditional, there is nothing like allowing the colors of the winter landscape to become your inspiration.

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The beauty of snowflakes covering the countryside can be represented in your color scheme by using a variety of fabrics.

Mix white gauze with beautiful white brocades to form memorable layering on the guest tables, as well as the food tables.

White poinsettias can be used as centerpieces throughout the reception area. You can bring to mind the idea of clear ice reflecting in the moonlight by using crystal candle holders, crystal goblets, and crystal plates.

For the flatware, go with gold, as a symbol of the sunlight reaching down to touch the snow.

Small hints of blue here and there also can be used within a traditional winter wedding color scheme.

Blue is a cool color and will actually help enhance the varying layers of white you are using throughout the area.

It also will work very well with any silver or gold accents you may decide to add here and there, such as on the cakes or as part of the decorations for the tables. 

One part of the color table that should be avoided in a winter wedding theme is pastels.

Whether you are going with the bold rich colors that a New Year’s Eve wedding would demand, or for the cool subdued hues that snow inspired wedding would call for, pastels simply do not fit. Be bold or be traditional, but do not be mediocre by trying to shoot for something in the middle.

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