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Making Thanksgiving A Special Event With Your Beloved: Wishes And Gifts

Do you want to give a personal touch to the Thanksgiving celebration this year? Or do you wish to keep to your own corner and to create a special day?

All are fine, but you are actually thinking of the day in a romantic way. You wish to make it a special event and celebrate it with your spouse or beloved in your very own way.

Are you prepared with the gifts to give, then, to your better half on this occasion? Have you decided where to go and spend time on this day, far from the city chaos?

All best wishes are with you and your beloved for a Happy Thanksgiving Day. Before you proceed to give it real shape, you can just peep into a fine catalog of wonderful gifts that your beloved would love to receive.

Jewelry! Any woman’s first love

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You can always ornament the mood of your beloved with something precious. What can be more precious than diamonds to touch the bottom of her heart?

This can really shape Thanksgiving into a most romantic day. Don’t bother about the expenses, this is a matter of love and you are buying it for the person you love the most.

Okay, no ring, no necklace this time. How do you feel about getting a diamond pendant for her for this celebration? A small thing, but it has the essence of a very touching gift. 

A simple, but sophisticated, the choice would be a 14k white gold circle diamond pendant. You can get this pendant at around 300 from any standard jewelry store.

Maybe you don’t want to make it quite so expensive. After all, you will soon have to get ready for Christmas.

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So, for the Thanksgiving celebration, you could spend a smaller amount and buy a cute thing like a silver multi-charm bracelet that can be worn for any occasion.

This bracelet is just around 20 and in no way does it subtract from your love by giving this gift to your beloved.

Something off-beat but made with care

You can even think in this way. On this special day, you can give a gift to your beloved made with your own hands.

Sand candles, flower arrangements, a handcrafted t-shirt are great gifts. It is not mandatory that you do everything in a conventional manner.

Things that you pick can be the best gift you could share. If it’s prepared with your own effort, then what could be lovelier than that?

For making a sand candle you need sand, wax, water, shells, wick material, and a big container to hold everything together.

The sand has to be poured in the container and made wet. A hole has to be dug where the candle will stand.

Melt the wax slowly on the container to take the shape of the candle, and then you can decorate it the way you like. The final decoration will be the beads you decorate around the sand bed of the candle.

You won’t have to spend a lot but your care and affection in making that gift are worth more than any other costly thing you might buy for her. And, it will speak how much you love her.

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