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Safety Tips For Trick-Or-Treaters

In 1978, there aired on network TV a very funny cartoon called the Fat Albert Halloween Special.

In the late 1980s, when the cartoon was released to syndicated TV as part of the Fat Albert series, Bill Cosby provided an additional voice-over and stated something to the effect of Since this special first aired, times have changed.

Going into a stranger’s house unattended during Halloween is not very safe. Sadly, Mr. Cosby was correct.

Halloween, like any kids event, is always going to require additional safety requirements as kids are, well, kids.

So, they will need a little help and a few tips in order to stay safe during Halloween evening.

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This is not surprising, as kids do require someone to look after them because there are just certain things they are either not aware of or not experienced with.

First, kids should never be allowed to go out trick or treating by themselves. Now, while most alarmists will assume this is because of evil child murderers lurking in the bushes, there are also other concerns that need to be addressed.

Yes, there are people who are predatory towards children, but the most common problems kids face when out on Halloween include traffic, accidents, injuries, and a host of other far more common maladies.

When it comes to trick or treating itself, the general rule of thumb is not to accept loose candy.

That is a candy that has not come in its original wrappers. With loose candy, one is unable to determine if it has been altered or not.

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Granted, most reports of razor blades in candy are absolutely false and come from the realm of urban legends, But, it is still best to avoid any problems and stay away from any candy that can possibly be suspect.

And, of course, the kids should never, never, ever go into a stranger’s house unattended. Actually, even with an adult supervising, no one should go into a stranger’s house.

There are just too many variables and liabilities in play. Again, always stay on the safe side and avoid entering an unfamiliar household.

And, all adults that are doing the supervising should also be sure to have a first aid kit handy.

Now, some may think this is a bit of overkill, but, there is always the chance of the unexpected occurring and it wouldn’t hurt to have a few band-aids and iodine on hand just in case.

Another little toy that should be brought along with the trick or treating festivities should be a flashlight.

If everyone is walking around in the dark, it would not hurt to shed a little light on the whole scenario.

There are very few things that need to be taken into consideration when trying to keep kids safe when trick or treating.

But if one puts them into motion, they will surely help the kids have a safe and memorable Halloween. Keep these few tips in mind and all should ultimately work out safe and sane!

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