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The Modern Definition Of Beauty

Sweet and sexy! Young ladies, today, love to be called so! The modern definition of beauty has given way to short and trendy things with the punch line that small is a revolution.

Long hair and timeless beauty are out, and casual looks and short hair styles are in.

Women of this generation don’t go by the classic touch in their beauty; rather walk into change every moment anywhere and anyway.

The only thing they believe in is everything changes except change. Therefore they don’t have time to linger on something.

Managing every aspect of life today’s women fly with their wings of independence and really bring out a change for the world. The process begins from within.

With lots of engagement and rapid sessions in the household and in the office, they are hardly left with time to shape their hair. So, cut it short and give it the latest look, they know it better!

Short hairs apart from giving a relief from the daily routine of cleaning, drying and tying it properly, have made a long way to shape the womens personality and behavior. And it works more!

Fair sex really knows all sorts of magic to pull the opposite sex. Though cutting hair primarily took women out of the fuss of wearing long hair, but short hair has become a medium of attraction to draw others admiration too.

Well how do women really blend style and short hair perfectly matching to the makeup and attire? What makes short hair styles look better on many women?

You must take note that there are two very important things about hair. When the length of the hair is more the chances of damage from below is higher.

The probability of split ends increases and hair turns thinner from bottom. But in the case of short hair, no such problems can ever occur.

Short hair always looks thicker and gives a feel of being pumped. The gloss and shine is reflected same throughout the head.

But in case of long hair, there are patches where the hair might be silky and bright and there are areas where the hair is dry and dull.

Shorter hair can be washed and cleaned and treated with shampoos and colors anytime. But for longer hairs you need to plan for it, cuts short the time from your daily chores and then you can’t get things done.

Does shorter hair bring a difference in your age? If you are twenty nine your colleagues will mistake you for being just not more than 24 or 25. Shorter hair can really bring out a new shape of your face!

Short hair makes your hair softer with a plush and keeps it away from forming wrinkles or getting intertwined between two or more hair fibers. Only a few tips should be followed while brushing short hair.

You can keep your short hair open with a casual look or tie it up with a back clip or elastic bands with a smooth coating of fabricated cloth.

Avoid tying your hair tightly with common rubber bands because the hair fibers wind up with the sticky band and get easily torn out.

It is easy to get your hair massaged with oil through and through and shampoo it thereafter. This strengthens your hair as well as formulates the style.

While combing, be sure your hair is dry and not soaked in water.

Chances of hair coming out are more in this case. Also, don’t go for conditioners after every wash.

Cooler you’ll stay with short hair styles and fly higher in the winds of success! Young ladies you are really stunning!

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