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Top Halloween Party Games

If you’ve ever gone to a Halloween party, you know that it is a perfect place to enjoy good food, scary and creative costumes, super fun times, and some great party games.

There are tons of games that can be played at Halloween parties. Let’s go through some of the top Halloween party games and see if they sound familiar.

One of the time-tested top Halloween party games that are sure to be at a Halloween party near you is bobbing for apples.

If you haven’t played this classic game then you have been missing out. Bobbing for apples is played by filling a barrel or bucket with water.

Next, get some apples and drop them in. The apples will float in the water and all you have to do is pick them up.

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But wait! There’s a catch. You can’t use your hands! That’s right. It’s time to dip your face in the water and pluck out an apple using your teeth.

It may sound easy, but with all those people watching, taking pictures, and laughing, it is not such a simple task! But the reward is great a shiny red apple!

Another of the top Halloween party games is pumpkin bowling. Take a set of kiddies bowling pins and set them up just like you’d see at a bowling alley.

Next, make sure you get a bunch of pumpkins. Not the giant carving types, but the cute small ones. Set a line that contestants cannot cross and get your score sheet.

One by one, each competitor will roll a pumpkin down the lane and try to strike as many pins as possible.

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It sounds easy, but remember that the pumpkins aren’t perfectly round. They may roll funny and miss the pins completely!

You’ve all heard of pin the tail on the donkey I’m sure. This top Halloween party games’ variation on that old classic is just as much fun.

Pin the wart on the witch is nearly the same game, but instead of a hee-hawing donkey, you have a poster of a gnarled, old, nasty witch. Blindfold contestants and watch them try to pin the wart on the witch.

Another favorite game is a really simple one. Not only is it good on campouts, but it is great for Halloween.

Arranging everyone in a circle, dimming the lights, and entering the pretend world of a scary story is one of the most delightful games you can play on Halloween. How is it a game you ask? That’s simple.

Just have everyone vote on who tells the scariest story. One bit of info before you begin, it’s a good idea to make sudden loud noises to tip the judges vote in your ghoulish favor!

These are just some of the top Halloween games you can play.

Halloween parties are notorious for ghouls, ghosts, and games, so make sure this year you try some of these fun contests out with your friends! It also helps to have some goodies and treats.

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