Where To Find Entertainment In Spain

Stature of King Philip III on Plaza Mayor, Madrid, Spain
Stature of King Philip III on Plaza Mayor, Madrid, Spain

To many, the face of the world is seen in its entertainment mediums. In particular, movies have long since been at the forefront of world popular culture.

Most of a country’s hopes, dreams, and philosophies can be seen upon the silver screen or, in some cases, from the flickering cathode rays of a television screen. Yes, movies are what make the world go around.

Now, when one thinks of movies, one’s mind mostly drifts to Hollywood, which is the one city in the world most associated with the film business. But, many other cities worldwide are also equally important for the face of world cinema.

London is one. Rome is another. And so is the Spanish city of Madrid.

Spain’s film industry has had a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. At one time, Spain’s domestic output of films was quite high and the country’s output of horror films was their best cinematic export.

Now, Spain’s film business has essentially collapsed under a series of counterproductive government laws, but the glory days of Spain’s fantasy film history has never been forgotten as it is celebrated in the city of Stiges with the annual Stiges Film festival.

Sitges Film Festival Catalonia

The Sitges Film Festival takes place in the city of Catalonia, Spain and it is one of the most enjoyable film festivals in the world. It is so popular that people travel thousands of miles to attend and take part in the festivities.

Many times, the festivities include the debut of many films that would otherwise not receive much publicity from any other venue or medium.

So, in a way, the Stiges Film festival provides an almost humanitarian service to those hoping to get a modicum of exposure in the film world, and exposure that they would not be accorded otherwise.

Now, some may not be all that interested in looking solely at Spain’s domestic film products. No worries. This film festival also showcases talent from all over the world including the United States.

So, the festival will not appear totally foreign to foreigners considering Sitges as a cool, unique, and different vacation spot.

So what of the locale? What does the city where this film festival is held have to offer for those looking to excitement outside the film festival? Does it offer a lot of benefits to the vacationers?

The town of Catalonia is also quite famous for its golf courses. So, if one is an avid practitioner of the game, this city will provide plenty of enjoyment.

Now, if one is not an experienced player, but would like to learn, the golf courses are very accommodating to those looking to partake in lessons to learn the ins and outs of this popular sport.

And, if one likes the water, the city borders the Mediterranean Sea so there are always beaches, boating, and scuba as options for those looking for fun in the sun. This city is definitely not one where a vacationer will run out of options any time soon.

So, if one is planning a trip to Spain, Catalonia and the Sitges Film Festival are great places to consider!