Where To Find Good Halloween Screensavers

Where To Find Good Halloween Screensavers
Where To Find Good Halloween Screensavers

Where to Find Good Halloween Screensavers

Decorating our homes for different holidays is nothing new to many of us. We hang wreaths on our doors, hang decorations in different rooms, and add small touches here and there to commemorate our special days.

Since the advent of the home computer, we have added one more element to our holiday decorating – the holiday screensaver.

As most of us know, screensavers come into play when we have left our computers idle for a period of time.

The movement of the screensaver helps to keep our monitors from developing back images, sometimes known as ghosts.

People often come up with screensavers that utilize scrolling messages, or some sort of continual animation that catches the eye.

Holidays are a natural when it comes to themes for our screensavers, most especially Halloween.

But where does one locate good quality screensavers with a Halloween theme? And how much do those screensavers cost?

The good news is that Halloween screensavers can be found with very little effort and often at little or no cost whatsoever.

All it takes is a little browsing and an idea of what you are looking for in a screensaver. 

When looking for software of any kind, one of the first places to check out is a store that sells computer software.

Such retail outlets as office supply stores often have a section devoted to inexpensive software such as games and screensavers.

It is not unusual to come across a software package that contains screensavers for several different holidays.

In the case of Halloween, it is almost always included, since such a broad range of people celebrate the holiday. 

For several weeks before Halloween, you may even come across screensaver software that is devoted especially to Halloween.

In addition to looking in office supply stores, take a look at retail outlets that always carry a seasonal line of items.

Right along with costumes, candy, and scary music selections, many discount stores will carry Halloween screensaver disks.

The selections may include scenes from old monster movies or be a collage of ghosts, witches, and vampires continually moving across your screen.

Again, the cost will be low, and the selection likely broad enough to allow you to find one or more that you will enjoy.

Of course, the Internet itself is a great place to search for free screensavers. Halloween, like many of the major holidays, is honored with a number of free screensavers.

In fact, a quick search will show several good sites that are all about Halloween and offer a number of free screensavers.

One thing to watch for, however, are the sites that promise you a free screensaver after you complete a “simple” questionnaire.

Often what is really happening is you will end up with a screensaver after you have given permission for different organizations to email you with all sorts of sale offers and merchandising opportunities.

If that is not something you want showing up in your email box, then by-pass those sites and zero in on the places that provide you with a product that is truly free.

Screensavers are a lot of fun, especially the ones that are based on holidays. When it comes to Halloween, let your inner monster go wild and find a screensaver that will be right in with the spirit of the season.