Which Is The Best Cosmetic Cream For Reducing Wrinkles?


Amongst the popular anti-wrinkle creams we usually find many people opting for day moisturizers. It is also important not to neglect to nourish our skin while we sleep. This is where night time moisturizers take over from regular daytime treatments.

Preparing for the night not only includes teeth brushing, makeup removal, you should also be thinking of what type of cream to use for the night.

The night cream is essential to restore and balance all the elements in your skin. If you remove make up, for example, the makeup remover will dry up your skin and is a harsh product to use on skin.

However, if you do not cleanse your skin in depth, your pores will clog up and prevent natural exchanges between nutrients and the skin.

Every time you cleanse your skin you must apply moisturizer once you have finished. Even simply washing your face with water, will remove essential natural oils present in the skin. A moisturized skin will appear less wrinkled for it is well hydrated, therefore more supple.

Although most of us tend to associate skin oils to pimples, the skin’s natural oils, such as sebum actually protect the skin from pimples forming. The natural pH balance of our skin stops the formation of P. acnes bacteria, which contributes to acne breakouts.

When we wash or cleanse our face, we are removing these essential natural oils from our skin, exposing our skin to the formation of wrinkles and acne.

When looking for the best anti-wrinkle creams, you should check that the ingredients they contain help keep the natural balance of the skin’s pH as well as restoring essential natural oils.

Many plant oils have similar molecular compounds to those of the skin’s sebum. Amongst these is shea butter, a natural product extracted from the nut of an African tree.

It may at times be difficult to find the product in its natural form, as many manufacturers add other artificial ingredients, but it is still very effective in night time creams.

You will soon notice the results, for after only four weeks your skin will be much softer and smoother and any age spots or acne scarring you may have will also be less obvious.

Other ingredients that should be present in effective night creams are collagen, avocado oil, and coenzyme Q10.

Avocado oil moisturizes the skin and stimulates collagen production, while collagen is a protein contained in the cell structure of our skin. All anti-aging night creams should include collagen, although it is best to avoid day creams with collagen content, for these creams are a little too rich for day use.

The coenzyme Q10 will prevent all damage caused by external elements, such as the sun’s UV rays, and can actually reverse any anterior damage. This ingredient is a must in all daytime and night creams.

Try opting for creams that contain all the above-mentioned ingredients to be sure you will get effective anti-wrinkle results.