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Special Side Dishes To Dine At Thanksgiving

Turkey, turkey and only turkey – won’t you get bored eating just turkey and feeding only this to others?

It is true that you can’t celebrate Thanksgiving without having at least a single serving of turkey. Having turkey alone, though, may make you feel yucky however tasty the preparations.

Some side dishes for gap filling or as complementary cuisines should also be prepared for a change of taste. They can also be served as great appetizers.

You will feel the craving for the main dish when other items are also there. This gives your guests an opportunity to choose.

If you serve the only turkey, even though it might be prepared in different ways, still you are left with no other choices.

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Just take a quick note of the recipes of some of these exotic side dishes. You can prepare these yourself to serve on Thanksgiving Day.

Scalloped corn: for better taste and better health

This particular corn dish is not only tasty but also nutritious. Its best served as a side dish for the Thanksgiving occasion.

An egg, one can of cream-style corn, and one can of whole golden corn are the main ingredients. The following ingredients are for cooking and seasoning purposes – salt, pepper, margarine, and a very small amount of milk cream.

Beat the egg and add salt and pepper. A frothy layer should form. Place the corn in this preparation and mix it in around two tablespoons of margarine.

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This is the basic step before baking. Before you bake, add the crushed corn and soda crackers for a topping. Bake at around 350 degrees F for half an hour.

Mashed potatoes: prepare your mood with a lighter taste

This preparation is plain and simple and not too rich. With heavy turkey dishes, this will be a lighter one as a side dish. First, boil potatoes that have been cut into quarters in salted water.

The number of potatoes will depend on the number of people you want to serve. Boil for around 20 minutes.

The second part has nothing to do with cooking. Take a big bowl and put all the potato pieces into it. Remove water from them before you start mashing.

If the amount is large, it is better to use an electric beater. When the mashing is over, add margarine or butter and some salt and pepper. Mash well so that the potatoes turn milky in nature.

Dinner rolls: Yummy and most coveted

To prepare twenty rolls at a time, you will need five cups of flour, water, and milk in equal proportion.

Start with two eggs, a half-cup of butter, a half-cup of sugar, and salt, according to taste. Add five teaspoons of active dry yeast.

Water, milk, sugar, and salt are to be stirred well and warmed. Add this to the flour, along with the butter. Beat them till you get the shape you would like for your rolls.

Proceed with baking at least fifteen minutes at 400 degrees F. The dough can be finely turned into dinner rolls in this way.

It is better to make them just before you serve because the softness remains when they are hot. Or, you could preserve them inside a hot pot.

All these items won’t take you much time, and they will break the monotony of a conventional way of dining on Thanksgiving Day.

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