Which Herbs Are The Best Anti-Aging Remedies?

Which Herbs Are The Best Anti-Aging Remedies?
Which Herbs Are The Best Anti-Aging Remedies?

Herbs used for anti-aging usually work on stimulating the blood circulation and the bodys capacity of eliminating waste as well as absorbing valuable nutrients.

Many of these anti-aging herbs also have qualities that help strengthen the mind and even uplift the spirit, in order to avoid depression and stress.

Stress is one of our ages worst enemies that are at the root of many physical disorders and indeed diseases. These anti-aging remedies using herbs will also have a very positive effect on the skin without having to resort to drastic plastic surgery or other similar treatments.

Some of the most common anti-aging herbs are reishi mushroom, lycium fruit, schizandra fruit, polygonum root, longan fruit, wild American ginseng, wild asparagus root, gynostemma, and Siberian ginseng.

Other herbs that are more frequently used are konjac mannan, Nopal cactus, wild Chinese ginseng, and gymnema sylvestre.

Many of the tonic herbs also have anti-aging qualities that will help you stall the anti-aging process. There are also two blood tonics that are said to actually prevent the natural aging process, dang gui, and peony.

The most commonly used anti aging herbs are Lycium fruit, schizandra fruit, reishi mushroom, gynostemma, polygonum root (he shou wu), cordyceps mushroom, longan fruit, wild American ginseng, wild asparagus root, and Siberian ginseng.

Nopal cactus, konjac mannan, wild Chinese ginseng, and Gymnema Sylvestre are some other herbs generally used.

Most tonic herbs also have anti-aging qualities. Blood tonic herbs such as peony and dang gui can prevent aging. These herbs enhance the beauty of the human body and slow down the aging processes.

–         Lycium fruit rich in antioxidants will slow down aging process by getting rid of free radicals that destroy our body cells.

–         Pearl- has the capacity to stop our skin from wrinkling as it contains mucopolysac-carhides.

–         Polygonum- will increase the production of superoxide dismutase, which is the most important antioxidant produce naturally by the body, effectively slowing down age.

–         Schizandra- will eliminate toxins from the liver and will help the body and face look more radiant and younger.

–         Gynostemma is an anti-anti-inflammatory herb that will prevent aging protecting the bodys organs, muscles, bones, and skin.

Cutting down on calories is one of the most important factor is slowing down aging of the body. Try and consume a good level of nutrients to help your body keep fit and young and avoiding useless foods that only provide toxins and fats.

Vitamins and minerals are essential for the good functioning of our body and together with extracts from fenugreek, banana leaf, bittermellon and blueberry leaf will help you reduce the aging process.

These herbs also help absorb and therefore reduce the level of insulin.

Fresh fruits and fresh vegetable juice will help flush out toxins in the body and will get rid of free radical.

Extracts that have anti-inflammatory properties, will reduce irritated skin, swelling, pain, tenderness, and redness or rashes. Botanical oils can nourish or soothe the skin depending on your specific needs.