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Thanksgiving Party Themes

Though you can have numerous Thanksgiving party themes, we will discuss the more common ones so you don’t end up with a problem of plenty!


This is a really simple theme and you can use decorations from your backyard, the local park, or the nursery.

Create a walkway with hay stacked along it to make a path to your door. Get a Thanksgiving banner at any local store to greet everyone.

If you have children, let them decorate the door with cutouts of pumpkins and turkeys. A display of balloon pumpkins with vines would be fun and would also make a great piece of decor.

Food: Make the table look really festive and use plenty of earth colors. Include dinner and salad plates and appropriate placemats.

You may also use disposable tableware because you get more color options that way. If there’s room for a centerpiece, use a basket filled with leaves and autumn fruits. Scatter fall leaves like confetti on the table, and place orange and brown candles at each end.

Party Favors: At your local candy store, buy plenty of orange and brown candy and gumballs as party favors. Pumpkin stick-jaws or a chocolate turkey on a stick are also good ideas.

Or you may fill an upside down Pilgrim hat with turkey-shaped cookies. It would be nice to give each guest a tray of Thanksgiving cookies to take home.

Pilgrims and Indians

Since Pilgrims and Indians joined together for the first Thanksgiving, this is a great Thanksgiving party theme.

However, don’t just call everyone to come over, send an invitation instead. Whether you make it or buy it, an invitation shows you care

Decorations: Use miniature pumpkins as place cards. Like we said earlier, use fall fruits and vegetables to fill a basket as a centerpiece and add some votive candles.

Collect some fall leaves and use them to decorate tables and buffets. Ideally, use brown and orange table linen. Also, try taper candles in autumn colors or pumpkin pie candles.

Food: Be as true to the Pilgrim and Indians menu as you can.

The Turkey Bowl

Super Bowl decorations: First thing, put easy chairs around the dining room table, oops, the TV. Kick-off the party with fun football invitations.

Invite everyone to a Touch Football Thanksgiving play-by-play instead of a Thanksgiving dinner. Tell your guests to come dressed for football whether they are players or spectators.

Activity: As soon as your guests enter, start the party. Give them each an inflatable football hat to make them part of the decor.

Then, give each guest some body paint to decorate themselves with the team colors. Once they’re done, let them pose with an inflatable football.

Decorations: How about a giant straw turkey at the entrance? Make large leaves and hang them from the ceiling in the foyer or wherever.

Each leaf can bear the name of one of your guests. Also, buy football-shaped baskets to use as a centerpiece. Fill it will fall flowers. Scatter foil-wrapped footballs around the table like confetti.

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