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Description: Detailed clear large political map of the world showing detailed seven continents which includes Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania (Australasia), North America, South America, three oceans such as Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and Indian Ocean with capital cities of all countries, political, state boundaries and neighboring countries.


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The total number of cities in the world amounts up to 4416 cities. There are 457 cities with a population which exceeds 1 Million people. Out of these cities there a few which definitely stand out. The largest cities, according to population are Tokyo, Japan (33.2 Million), New York, United States of America (17.8 Million), and Sao Paolo, Brazil (17.7 Million).

Cities are ranked in many ways and there is also a list of the best cities in the world to live in. It states Melbourne (Australia), Vienna (Austria) and Vancouver (Canada) as the top three cities to live in. The most beautiful cities in the world list places Venice (Italy), Paris (France) and Prague (Czech Republic) as the top 3. The fastest growing cities in the world are Beihai (China), Ghaziabad (India) and Dhaka (Bangladesh). All these cities have shown a growth rate of more than a 100% since 2006. Vacations see people visiting distant countries very often and there is a list that rates the cities according to the number of visits each year. London (England) is the most visited city in the world and has been holding that spot for the past 4 years. London sees approximately 18.7 million visitors each year. The second most visited city is Bangkok (Thailand) with an estimated visitor count of 16.42 million. Paris (France) is the third on the list with an expected visitor count of 15.57 million. London also top the world’s most influential cities list with New York and Paris in at a close second and third respectively.

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