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Description: Detailed physical map of the world which shows earth's landforms like mountains, deserts, plains, bodies of water such as lakes, rivers, oceans and other topographic features. Lines of longitude and latitude with country borders are clearly marked.


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Earth has a total area of 510 million square kilometers of which 149 million square kilometers is land and the other 361 million square kilometers is water. The world map shows 7 continents which are Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, North America and South America. Out of these the largest is Asia with a land area of 43820000 square kilometers which houses 4164252000 people in total. The Americas are often considered as one continent and so are Europe and Asia. The highest peak on Earth lies in Asia and is called Mount Everest which measures up to be more than 29000 feet (29029 ft.). The second highest peak comes from South America and is called Aconcagua which is 22830 feet in length. The water bodies on Earth cover up an area which is two thirds of Earth's total area. There are primarily 5 oceans across the world. They are Pacific, Indian, Atlantic, Arctic and Antarctic oceans. The Pacific is the largest ocean in the world and is divided into north and south pacific oceans. The Hydrosphere also contains many rivers found across the world. The longest river in the world can be found in Africa and is called the Nile with a staggering length of 6650 kilometers closely followed by the Amazon from South America which is 6400 kilometers long. The largest river in the world, according to the volume of water discharged into the sea, is the Amazon which discharges 209000 metric tons every year. The second is the Congo from Africa which discharges about 41200 metric tons.

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